Blocker Tie Ring II Chrome Plated by TOKLAT ORIGINALS

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Chrome Plated Blocker Tie Ring II The Blocker Tie Ring has changed the way people tie their horses. It provides a safe, humane way to tie your horse, as it's designed to be a support system rather than a restraint system. Blocker Tie Rings allow a horse to pull slack in the lead rope when he panics or falls. This releases pressure and the source of pain or panic which dramatically reduces the threat of pain or injury to you and your horse. The Mag-Loc feature holds the tongue in place, making the tie ring more stable so it can be mounted at any height needed. In addition to cross ties, single ties, grooming and tack areas, trailers, high lines and picket lines, you can also mount the Blocker Tie Ring II on hitch rails. The stays on either side of the tongue prevent it from sliding around the ring so your horse can safely pull slack from any angle. The quick snap makes the Tie Ring II even easier to move from location to location. Includes quick snap, shackle, eyebolt and instruction booklet. Product Features: Mounts on hitch rails Mounts at any height with the Mag-Loc Feature Designed to be a support system Humane way to tie your horse Incredibly safe Item Specifications: Mag-Loc holds tongue in place Great for teaching a young horse to tie
Safe, Quick & Easy to Use Relieves Source of Panic Adjustable, Humane and Forgiving

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